New Supplements!

I have already made a post about supplements, but I wanted to make another post to share about the new supplements that I am trying. I am trying to be more health-conscious about my workout supplements. I recently discovered Bloom Nutrition’s supplements from Instagram. The founder of this brand is also the same person that I buy my resistance bands from (Mari Fitness). I am a huge fan of her fitness regimen, so I figured that I would give her supplements a go, too!

I ordered Bloom Nutrition’s Pina Colada Pre-Workout and the Green Apple Essential Amino Acid Blend.

I am so excited to try Bloom Nutrition’s supplements. I wanted to find a workout supplement that enhanced my performance without harming my body in the process. The first thing I noticed about the pre-workout, was that it was colored red. The coloring is the same for all flavors. The red color isn’t artificial coloring. The red tint is from the beetroot powder! This pre-workout also contains ginseng, green tea leaves for caffeine, Vitamin C, and rhodoila root.

  • Beets: Enhance your performance, contain antioxidants, fight inflammation, and increase blood flow to your muscles
  • Ginseng: Enhance performance, improve mental focus and mood, increase energy, and boost endurance
  • Green Tea Leaves: a more natural option opposed to synthetic caffeines.
  • Vitamin C: Reduce inflammation, improve heart health, and aid in tissue repair
  • Rhodoila Root: Increase mental focus and concentration, boost energy and mood, enhance exercise performance

The Essential Amino Acid Blend (EAA’s) has many benefits, as well. Similar to BCAA’s, EAA’s are great for muscle recovery! I take my essential amino acid blend post-workout. This recovery drink contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and an EAA blend. This is a great product for refueling your electrolytes, too!

  • EAA’s: Exercise recovery, cognitive function, improved sleep, metabolic health, aid in hydration, and muscle maintenance.

Contact: Audrey H | | Instagram: allaboutaud | Resistance Bands and Supplement Posts:

Resistance Bands:


All of the above information can be found on Bloom Nutrition’s Instagram page if you want to learn more about their products!

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