What’s on the Menu?

I decided to be crafty. If you know me, then you know this is a huge deal because I am so terrible at DIY crafts. When I want something cute made for my house, I usually turn to my talented little sister or friends. However, every now and then I have an urge to attempt a Pinterest-inspired craft. I decided to make a “What’s not the Menu?” sign for the kitchen. I love to have a plan and to plan out my meals for the week. For us, planning our meals keeps us from going out to eat and spending money every week. Everyone needs this cute little sign in your life!

P.S., don’t make fun of my non-artistic skills! I had fun. 🙂

I got most of my supplies at Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree. I got he paint from Home Depot. If you get the cute little sample paint tins, then it is cheap! The wood pallet was $15 from Hobby Lobby (you can use a 40% off coupon in-store at Hobby Lobby), the stencils and clothes pins were also from Hobby Lobby for $8 and $4. The paint brushes and colored note cards were from Dollar Tree (obviously $1 each).

I first started out with painting the pallet. I loved the wood look, but not for this project.

After the pallet was painted, I attempted the stencils. I don’t know if I just bought the wrong stencils, but these were so difficult. The stencils had a sticky back, so they would not stick to the wood pallet for me to paint over them. So, this is the part where I completely failed and gave up for 2 days, LOL. The letters looked terrible and I was so frustrated.

After 2 days, the letters were dried (duh). I then got a smaller black paint brush and tried to “shape” the letters myself. They weren’t terrible, but they bothered me up-close. Also, the “S’s” did not even look like an S to me. After multiple attempts, I was finally satisfied. Check out the finished product below!

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