Is it Summer yet?

I can’t wait for summer weather! In fact, I can’t wait for Spring weather. In Colorado, we went from 75 degree weather to a blizzard in one day. However, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a few days of warmer weather. With the warmer weather coming up, I am reminding you to get your sunscreen ready now! Did you know that you are supposed to wear sunscreen year-round? I am guilty of forgetting this, too. Ultraviolet (UV) lights don’t go away in the wintertime. Also, sunscreen generally expires within a year, so don’t try to use your sunscreen from last season.

Sunscreen works by protecting your skin from sun damage by either a mineral barrier or a chemical one. I am trying to avoid chemicals in sunscreen as much as possible. Out of 1500+ tested by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), 40% were listed as potentially causing skin cancer and only 5% met their safety standards. If that doesn’t make you want to switch to safer, then I don’t know what will! I have been on the search for a safer sunscreen option this year. If you have any suggestions, then comment them below.

Here are the two that I found at Natural Grocers:Alba Botanic Hawaiian Sunscreen with green tea and a Goddess Garden Natural Mineral Sunscreen.

I am still learning what is safe and what is not. Alba Botanica is labeled as one fo the safest non-mineral sunscreens. This sunscreen does not contain the harmful chemical of oxybenzone. According to the EWG, Alba Botanica is rated a 3, with 1 being safest and 10 being the most harmful. If you’re concerned about your sunscreen toxicity level, then I encourage you to search it on the EWG website. I am learning so much about the chemicals and ingredients.

The Goddess Garden Natural Mineral Sunscreen is rated a 1, being the safest. This company uses pure zinc and titanium to provide safe, reliable protection from both UV rays. According to their website, the sunscreen “is reef safe and biodegradable, so once it washes off, it can safely return into the earth where it came from in the first place.” I am so excited to try these out!

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  1. I had no idea! Thank you


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