DIY Hair Tonic

I have been making a lot of DIY face/skincare products, so I wanted to try something new and make something for your hair. I researched (on Pinterest) some of the best natural products and essential oils for your hair. I was overwhelmed with the results, so I picked some of my favorites. As always, feel free to add some of your favorite essential oils to the blends. For my hair tonic, I used: coconut oil, witch hazel, tea tree, peppermint, lavender, cedar wood, and lemon. I apply this hair serum (3-4 sprays) post-shower on damp hair before I brush it out.

  • Coconut oil and witch hazel strengthen, nourishes, softens, and promotes growth
  • Tea tree and peppermint (3-4 drops)- stimulates hair growth, moisturizes, and reduces dandruff
  • Lavender (3 drops)- stimulates hair growth and helps prevent scalp infections
  • Cedarwood (2-3 drops)- stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair
  • Lemon (1-3 drops)- stimulates hair growth, eliminates hair loss

I have used this product every day since I made it and I am loving it! It does not make my hair feel greasy, look greasy, or dry it out. This is the perfect hair tonic combo. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Contact: Audrey H | | Instagram: allaboutaud

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