What’s in Your Gym Bag?

What do you never leave the house without before going to the gym? Even if I do not use everything that I pack in my gym bag, I always have it in there just in case. I always bring headphones, water, gym shoes (duh), resistance bands, ankle weights, weight vest, hip thrusts pad, and a roller.

First off, AirPods are life changing. Yes, I know they are expensive, but they are SO worth it. If you are on the fence about getting some AirPods, then jump over that fence and go get some! Seriously. They hold such a long charge, they charge conveniently in that little box, they don’t fall out, and the quality is great.

H2O is the most important thing to bring to the gym with you. If you don’t bring anything else form this post with you, then bring water! I go through about 1-2 bottles at the gym depending on what I am doing. If you take a gatorade with you to the gym, then you’re just wasting those electrolytes. Instead, drink that gatorade post-workout instead of before/during.

I love shoes! I have about 50 different pairs of shoes (seriously). I wear specific shoes to the gym depending on what I am doing. I personally love my Nike shoes. I have some for running, walking, casual wear, and even squatting. The shoe that you pick out for the gym is very important. For instance, if you are planning to do a lot of squats at the gym, then a flat footed shoe is desirable (I promise you will feel the difference). There are some days that I will do my squats in converse or vans. I have seen people who take off their shoes entirely and that just grosses me out. The gym floor is too nasty for that, haha.

You already know that I love my resistance bands. I use resistance bands before, during, and after my workouts. I wanted to share about how I use that red resistance band in my picture. My husband got me that band from Dick’s Sporting Goods. You can find them at almost any sport store. I use this heavy-duty band to perform assisted pull-ups/tricep dips. Instead of me attempting to explain how to do this, I am adding a short YouTube video that I found below.

You can add in some ankle weights, wrist weights, or a weight vest to your workouts for a more intense session. Post workout, I always try to use my roller to roll-out my muscles. In doing so, this aids in preventing/lessening sore muscles. Last, but certainly not least, is my hip thruster pad. If you have ever tried hip thrusters without a pad, then you probably felt the pain and may have even gotten a couple bruises on your hips like I did. This pad is a life-saver. I just velcro it to the bar, center it, and go! You can also use it to aid with your squats, as well. I ordered mine for around $10 off of Amazon.

What is in your gym bag? I would love to hear more ideas.

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