I Love My Fur Babies

Health and wellness isn’t just a hobby for me, it is a lifestyle. If it is a lifestyle for me, then it will be a lifestyle for my fur babies as well. Right now, these animals are my only children. We have an 8 month old German Shepherd and a 2 year old kitty. Strangely, our kitty refuses to eat treats (even catnip). Therefore, our treat shopping is all for our German Shepherd. We found a local store in Colorado that sells healthy dog treats + snacks.

We also give our baby CBD infused treats to help with anxiety. Since he is still a puppy, he is very hyper. However, when we go on car rides, he starts to freak out (he traveled across the country when he was 4 months old). These CBD treats from Cured Nutrition have been wonderful! I recommend trying some CBD for your fur baby if he or she suffers from anxiety. Ask your vet about it next time. 🙂

He loves his Cured Nutrition CBD treats!

He might be cute, but he sure does smell sometimes. We found a dog refreshing spray and a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner combo from T.J. Maxx for him! I love products that are safe and naturally-based! We also use the shampoo/conditioner for the cat, because my husband doesn’t believe me that cats can bathe themselves, lol. I am just glad that the kitty enjoys it.

Comment your favorite products for your fur babies below!

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