Cast Iron Cooking!

We are new to cast iron cooking. Due to the Colorado blizzard, our grill was frozen, and filled with snow. We decided to break out the cast iron skillet that we have only used a few times before. We bought a nice cast iron pan from Aldis for a great price! I think I have avoided using the cast iron skillet due to the lack knowledge on how to use it and clean it. Just so you know, you don’t clean it like a regular pan! I would recommend watching a YouTube tutorial on how to take care of your cast iron skillet (aka, don’t ask me because I am still learning, lol!). I was honestly shocked at how yummy this steak turned out, so I wanted to make this post to share with y’all how we did it.

Step 1: My husband seasoned the steaks. You can use your favorite steak seasonings, but keep it to a minimum. Nothing tastes worse than an over seasoned steak. We used: oregano, basil, minced garlic, Himalayan salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Then, let the seasoned steaks marinade for a few hours. Once the steaks were ready, we broke out the cast iron!

Step 2: Turn the oven top to low heat. We chopped up an onion and some mushrooms with a little bit of Worcestershire sauce. Let the onions and mushrooms cook for about 5 minutes before adding the steak.

Step 3: Turn the burner to low heat and then add the steak(s). Side note: when I cook, I always forget to measure and I don’t set timers. I usually judge by the eye if something is done. Therefore, I wish I could give you a time estimate on how long for each side. This was also our first time cooking steaks in the cast iron skillet, so we were unsure of the temperature and time. The steaks actually took longer than I thought on low heat.

Step 4: After a couple of minutes, we would flip the steak and alternate cooking it on each side. To make sure that the steak didn’t dry up, we would also add a little bit of Worcestershire sauce to the top.

Step 5: After about 10-15 minutes of flipping the steaks, they were finished! These steaks tasted better than some we have done on the grill. Cooking the steak with the onions and mushrooms also added to the great taste! We will definitely be making these again. I would love to hear some of your cast iron cooking recipes and tips. ENJOY!

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