YouTube Workout Session

As I previously mentioned in my resistance band blog post, I like to mix up my workouts each session. I have my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, where we focused on health promotion, exercise physiology, and some nutrition. Kinesiology interests me greatly. I enjoy learning how muscles operate, how the body functions, and how to target specific areas of the body. I am continuously researching new workout programs, trends, and new dieting techniques.

With that being said, I always turned my nose up at any workout program that I didn’t personally create myself (or if it costs $). My thought process is that I already paid for my degree, so I don’t need any help from anyone. I was wrong. There is nothing wrong with trying something new to achieve the same goals. My something new, was a YouTube workout.

In undergrad, I had the privilege of being roommates with my older sister. We lived in a little old house where the walls were incredibly thin. I would walk home from class and hear the theme song to her favorite YouTube dance video blaring as I approached our driveway. I would laugh as I saw her dancing in the living room, as I walked through the front door. I never took her dance video seriously until FIVE years later, when I decided to try it for myself. I turned on YouTube and typed in “pump it up dance workout.” I only remembered the name of the video because they repeatedly sing “pump it up” in the background (LOL, you will see). The video was made in 2004, so the outfits and dance moves are quite comical. Have some fun with it! Copy this link if you want to experience a crazy/fun 1 hour, 17 minutes, and 39 second dance session:

After I confessed to my sister that I finally tried her cardio workout, she recommended some more YouTube videos to try. These were more down my alley and had less dancing (I am the world’s worst dancer). So, today I tried: HIIT Dance Fitness with Jessica on YouTube. She has a lot of videos uploaded, and most of them are dance videos. I decided to go with the HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts. I will link the three videos below that I did. After I completed the videos, I also did a short weight lifting session. What I liked most about Jessica’s videos was the Tabata-Style.

Tabata-Style is a very popular HIIT workout style. The style consists of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. For example, in the cardio workout, Jessica makes you do 4 different movements:

  • Butt-Kicks for 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest
  • High Knees for 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest
  • Jumping Jacks for 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest
  • Jumping Squat Jacks for 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest

I really enjoyed my first YouTube workout sessions. In the near future, I want to create some HIIT workouts for y’all using the Tabata-Style! Sorry, I will not be incorporating any dance moves in there. 🙂

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