Your Best-friend at the Gym

Every day I do different variations of workouts at the gym. These workouts can range from: weight lifting, at-home workouts, resistance band workouts, high intensity interval training, cardio (rarely, lol), or any other variation I can think of! Today I want to share with y’all my muscle activation + resistance band workout. I generally do a residence band workout before AND after my gym session. Resistance bands should be your best-friend in the gym!! I use these almost every workout. There are so many different variations of exercises that you can do with these bands. Previously, I used rubber resistance bands that I bought off amazon. They were great for a while until they started to tear and slip during my workouts. I came across Mari Easy Fitness on instagram and fell in love with her resistance bands (linked below). They are heavy-duty and made out of polyester and synthetic rubber. They are also roll proof and snap proof. I am also going to link below my favorite workout leggings that I am wearing. They are called Gymshark, and they are the best I have found for leg days!

For my muscle activation workouts, I generally place the resistance band on the thigh region. For certain exercises, you can also place the band around your ankles. So now that we know what a resistance band is and how to wear it, let’s talk about muscle activation.

Muscle activation is something new that I have incorporated into to my workouts. It doesn’t take long and it can be a great warm-up, too. Muscle activation is establishing communication between your muscles and brain. I know that sounds crazy, but it really works. It’s like giving your brain a physical warning by targeting that specific muscle more than others. There has been a lot of research on muscle activation and it has shown better results for a lot of people. So, why not give it a go??? But first, some things to remember:

  • Muscle activation exercises should be slow and controlled.
  • Keep it simple. Muscle activation exercises should be no more than 10-15 reps and 2 sets.
  • Focus and flex. Try to really focus on the muscle(s) that you want to target and never forget to flex them.

Here is my resistance band muscle activation workout for my hamstrings/glutes:

  • 10 reps: Glute bridges
  • 10 reps each leg: Standing abductions
  • 10 reps each leg: Standing kickbacks
  • 10 reps each side: Side shuffle (place the band at your thighs)
  • 10 reps: Air squats
  • Repeat 2x
Glute Bridges
Don’t forget to FLEX those glute muscles when you come up!
Standing kickbacks
You can place the resistance band at your thighs or ankles for this one. Don’t forget to flex those glutei muscles when you kickback.
Standing abductions (ignore my focused face, lol)

Contact: Audrey H | | Instagram: allaboutaud

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